Ready for a Slow Down…


Some photos I snapped of Sadie this past weekend. We had a very casual weekend (I say casual like our life is full of get-together’s and nights out!) We literally chilled in our pajamas from sun up to sun down.

We have been SO busy running around with football, helping out my parents, and getting ready for Hayes to go back to school on the 24th, it felt SO good to just relax at home.

This week has already hit us so hard with everything you can think of. So let’s hope it goes smooth and quick. Friday can you hear me?!



Hold the Dish Soap, Please!

Ever had one of those days you just want to call into work, then you realize you can’t because you’re a #SAHM? Yep. That’s me.

I’ll have 2 please…

I opened Sadie’s diaper up to find the runniest, stinkiest shit ever. Up her back and down her legs, kinda shit. Then she decided she would help by taking her hand and playing in it. For me to find out that we had 2 wipes in the container left, and NO MORE in the house. Like none. No dried up one she snuck out of the package to play with, not any dried out in the car. So, wet paper towel to the rescue. Yuck.
I don’t know the last time I got more than 3 hours of sleep.
I reek.
At lunch, the bowl I ate my ramen noodles out of must have been washed by Hayes. The broth had bubbles in it. And yes, I still ate it. Dish soap and all.
The humidity is on top of her game today.
There is no pop in the house. Not even an old open can in the back of the fridge.
And if my phone resets one more time, it may become a hole in the wall.

I wonder if anyone will notice there is a Miller in my thermos tonight at football practice.



Turn the Page


In the past, I have expressed most of our emotions, exciting news, and photographs on Facebook. But after long conversations, and a lot of bitching to the husband, I decided it was time for a new chapter. Lets be honest, half of the “friends” we have on there, are people who we try to run away from at the grocery. The other half, are distant family. Then there is that small, teeny, tiny, handful of people who you text on a regular basis.Facebook is good at allowing parenting to look like magical rainbows. Most of the time as Mom’s we sit staring at the screen looking for new witty status updates to outdo that Disney mom. Or we pretend to be that Mom that can’t hold her shit together if her life depended on it, just for the “likes” of others. Why can’t we just be our self? Why do we need to find the acceptance of others?

I love to write. I always have. Generally, I feel I can express my feelings so much better this way. I have never been one to sit and hand write in a journal. But put a keyboard in front of me, some good music, and coffee- and I can lose track of time easily. And maybe I am the only #lazyass mom, but keeping a baby book is like trying to find my 8 year old’s sock in a pile of laundry. It just doesn’t happen. Before baby arrived we picked out adorable books, that literally have their name and due date written in them. Shame on me, I know. But maybe with this my children will be embarrassed, yet thankful I caught these unseen moments.

A first hand look into the life of the Buckland’s, told by yours truly.

Photography is my passion. About two years ago, I decided to make a career out of it. I was doing very well for myself. And can honestly say, in the beginning felt so full. After a while, it faded quickly. I began to hate picking up my camera. Even charging the battery felt like a huge annoyance. I knew at that point, it was time to hit the brakes for a while. Not to mention, being 6 months pregnant. So now that baby is finally a human, and I find it satisfying to capture that perfect moment–Why not share? Plus I need a better hobby then drinking Coors Light under my carport.

So now that brings me to this. A whole set up where I can share all of my photos, and tell a story behind them. A place to share those special moments. A place to remember all the “WTF?” moments that happen in our life. A place to express the love I have for my husband and kids. All of my thoughts, the good, the bad, and the ugly. A place to hopefully gain back my sanity. Because my liquid sanity, aka coffee, mt. dew, extra sweet tea, and anything with the most caffeine content just isn’t cutting it anymore. Hopefully throughout my posts, I can find humor in my panic attacks. And trust me, I find lots of humor in myself. Ask my husband.